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The Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language was founded in 1968 within the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, part of the Viet Nam National University in Hanoi. The Faculty is the largest and the most experienced Faculty for foreigners interested in studying Vietnamese. The Faculty also has a close relationship with other institutes, centres and faculties in Vietnam as well as in many foreign countries.

If you are looking for a course in Vietnamese Language and Culture, please take a look at the information below to help you reach a decision on where to study.

Why choose The Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language?

  • The Faculty has a reputation for high quality, professional courses.
  • Among the thousands of former international students, many students became worldwide renowned Vietnamese studies researchers, experienced diplomats and especially, 10 people became the Ambassadors in Vietnam.
  • The faculty provides you with professionally-experienced native-speaking Vietnamese teachers who will help you to achieve your best results.
  • The faculty has flexible learning options, with many classes, class sizes and levels.
  • Flexible choices and learning fees

The faculty provides two programmes:

1. Bachelor programme: 4 years (8 semesters)

There are two undergraduate training programmes in Vietnamese studies and Vietnamese language and and culture for foreigners. Foreigners interested in these programs must complete the upper secondary programme and have a good command of Vietnamese (about Intermediate). Students will acquire a framework of basic knowledge in the social sciences and humanities such as a basic grounding in linguistics and comparative culture; Vietnamese history, economics, literature, etc.

2. Vietnamese Language Courses

Elementary Level

  • Elementary Vietnamese courses equip students with a basic knowledge of phonetics; help learners to understand how to pronounce the Vietnamese language as Hanoi people do; provide learners with basic sentence structures and everyday vocabulary and phrase.
  • These courses also equip students with other Vietnamese language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing at the elementary level.
  • Upon the completion of elementary courses, students can use Vietnamese language in daily conversations, can read and write short essays in Vietnamese.

Intermediate Level

  • Intermediate Vietnamese language courses are designed to equip learners with Vietnamese in everyday settings and other specific conversation contexts; to provide learners with more specialised vocabulary by offering longer and more difficult reading passages and to provide more intensive knowledge of morphology and syntax;
  • Intermediate courses also provide learners with skills in everyday and context specific conversations; equip them with skills to read different types of documents in Vietnamese to compose longer, compound sentences and to write more complex essays.
  • After completing their courses, learners are capable of conducting everyday conversations and participating in school activities. Those who complete intermediate courses can participate in discussions of their school majors, can read different types of documents and can write essays on a range of different topics.

Advanced level

  • Advanced Vietnamese language courses equip learners with basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary…; provide knowledge of Vietnamese history, culture, economics, literature etc. relating to Vietnamese everyday activities and cultural traditions.
  • These courses equip students with advanced skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing, teaching Vietnamese language as a second language; and skills in preparing materials to introduce Vietnamese language such as Vietnamese textbooks and Vietnamese dictionaries.
  • Those who complete intensive Vietnamese courses are capable of working in various fields such as teaching and conducting research on Vietnamese language, working at universities, colleges and centres which offer Vietnamese language programmes. They are also able to work as interpreters, translators, and employees at media agencies and embassies in Vietnam and abroad. These courses also enable learners to pursue their studies and participate in various subjects in school in Vietnam.

Tuition fee

We have many class sizes with different prices to suit your needs and schedules:

1 school hour = 50 minutes


Students/Class Unit price/Period/Student
Study at Faculty (class of 3 school hours/lesson) Study at Faculty out of working hours or Class of 2 school hours/lesson Study outside Faculty
1 student 350,000 VND/hour 370,000 VND/hour 400,000 VND/hour
2 students 200,000 VND/hour 220,000 VND/hour 250,000 VND/hour
3-4 students 170,000 VND/hour 190,000 VND/hour 220,000 VND/hour
5-7 students 130,000 VND/hour 150,000 VND/hour 180,000 VND/hour
8-11 students 100,000 VND/hour 120,000 VND/hour 150,000 VND/hour
12 students and over 80,000 VND/hour 100,000 VND/hour 130,000 VND/hour


Students/Class Unit price/Topic
2 school hours 3 school hours 4 school hours
1 student 3,500,000 VND 4,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND
2 students 3,500,000 VND 4,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND
3-4 students 3,500,000 VND 4,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND
5-7 students 4,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND
8-11 students 4,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND 5,500,000 VND
12 students and over 5,000,000 VND 6,000,000 VND 7,000,000 VND


Students/Class Unit price/Class
2 school hours 3 school hours
1 student 880,000 VND 1,320,000 VND
2 students 1,000,000 VND 1,500,000 VND
3-4 students 1,260,000 VND 1,890,000 VND
5-7 students 1,900,000 VND 2,850,000 VND
8-11 students 2,300,000 VND 3,450,000 VND
12 students and over 2,800,000 VND 4,200,000 VND


Level Fees/student/120 school hours – Group of 2 students Fees/student/120 school hours – Group of 3 to 4 students Fees/student/120 school hours – Group of 5 to 7 students Fees/student/120 school hours – Group of 8 to 11 students Fees/student/120 school hours – Group of 12 students and more
Elementary A1 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
A2A 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
A2B 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
Intermediate B1 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
B2A 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
B2B 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
Advance C1 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
C2A 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND
C2B 24,000,000 VND 20,400,000 VND 15,600,000 VND 12,000,000 VND 9,600,000 VND

Class format

  • Morning: 8:30 – 11:20
  • Afternoon: 13:30 – 16:20

How long is each Vietnamese course?

If you are looking to obtain a certificate upon finishing your course, you can register for one of our courses, from beginner to advanced, as follows:

  • Level A: 240 hours
  • Level B: 480 hours
  • Level C: 720 hours

(At least three sessions of three hours each per week)

Courses are available from Monday to Friday.

If you cannot follow a fixed schedule you can organise a flexible schedule depends on your purpose!

Student Services

After beginning your course, a teacher or faculty officer will always be available to discuss any difficulties or problems.


Our library is open from Monday to Friday for students wanting to relax and read newspapers or reference books.

Student Card

As a VSL student, you are provided with a Student Card for your academic and other relevant purposes during your time of studying at the University. In order to obtain your student card you need to pronde VSL with a photo of yourself in 3cm x 4cm format. It is your responsibility to keep your student card safely during your at the University.

Other activities

In addition to our program, that help you continue learning Vietnamese outside the classroom, we organize a social and cultural activity program that we invite you to join in as: cooking Vietnamese food, visiting some famous places,…

How can I register for a course?

If you are in Viet Nam, simply come to our Faculty at B7 bis Bach Khoa, Tran Dai Nghĩa Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Room 24 to register for a course.

If you are abroad and need a student visa, we have some suggestions for you as follows:

  • Fill all the necessary information required in the Application for Admission and Entry to Study in Viet Nam.
  • Send the form back to us by fax or email along with a photocopy of your passport.

>> Download the forms here

We usually issue the visa around 20 days after receiving the form.

Visa fee

If you are applying from abroad, you may apply for a visa for a duration of 1 year, 6 months, 3 months or 1 month. You should pay the visa fee to the Vietnamese Embassy in the country you receive your visa and pay the visa fee and deposit (see below) to the school.

  • Visa fee: 1.000.000 VND
  • Deposit: 3.000.000 VND

The deposit will be returned at the end of the course.

Other requirements:

1. You must be enrolled for at least 9 hours a week and you must pay for at least 9 hours a week, even if you miss class because of illness or personal obligations. Exception: You do not have to pay for classes that fall on national holidays and do not take place.

2. You must submit your application at least 20 days before the expiration of your current visa.

For more information, please call 04.38694323 or come in and talk to one of our officers.

Our working hours are:

  • Morning: 8:00 to 11:30
  • Afternoon: 13:30 to 16:30

(From Monday to Friday)